I’m Andrea and I am a mother, a student, an intern, a wife, etc. I enjoy the writing ,etc. hence the name of the blog. My husband is a musician and visual artist; my children have many talents (as all children do) which include: drawing, dancing, singing, writing, and the list goes on but those are the main events in my home. I love being surrounded by all of the creativity (most days) and it inspires me daily.

I am the proud Mommy of three beautiful children; two of which I unschool and I absolutely love it. I do plan to focus a lot of my writing on this blog around homeschooling/unschooling topics. I would especially like to interview other moms/dads who have been teaching their children at home for a number of years. Keeping children at home with the family is a uniquely challenging and fulfilling choice; there is a lot to cover on the subject!

I am currently attending Marylhurst University and pursuing a degree in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing.  My career goals are to work as a Freelance Writer, preferably for magazines and blogs but am open to other opportunities; I also plan (and am currently working on, with my husband and kids) to write novels for children and teens, and write short stories for children.

This term I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work as an intern. Thus far, it has been a fabulous opportunity. I am learning so much about social media and how writing works in the current times. I am also making important connections and very much enjoying the company and support on my supervisor: Sione Aeschliman. I bring this up because I have decided that my first focus for this blog will be writing about my intern experiences, which will be entitled: Diary of an Intern.

Thanks for reading! I hope that this blog both inspires and informs you. I love comments so please never shy away from leaving one. That doesn’t mean I will always publish the comments but I want to see them. Take care.


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