Dreams-How Much do They Cost?

Trav and andrea

Today, I have set out to create a blog post. This will only be the 6th post since I created the blog about 4 months ago. It has occurred to me that in this time of confusion and too much to do, that I need this. I need a place to write and (scary as it is) to share. I sat down at my computer this morning with the intention of writing about dreams and how they are great to have but I am starting to realize that, in my own life, that I have failed to consider all of the possible ramifications behind pursuing my goals. That is, how much they cost financially and time wise. For instance, I’m a student and since beginning, I have always just told myself that I have to do it. I have to get a degree no matter the cost. I’m not sure if that way of thinking was a bad thing or a good thing because if some expert would have sat me down and gone over all the facets of my life that going to college would effect, then I probably wouldn’t have begun the process. All of our goals have a price that comes with them.

So there I was, setting to work to write my first blog post in months, when I heard a little *beep* coming from Facebook. A friend of mine had messaged me but what caught my eye was an article about finding your purpose in life. The content of the article was hitting a lot of the same points that I wanted to cover. It was, as if the friend of mine, who had shared it, had also read my mind. Of course, it could have been the long conversation that we had the day before, that had put us on the same mental page, and not psychic abilities, but you go ahead and take your pick.

The article that she shared was, “7 Strange Questions that Help You Find Your Life Purpose” by Mark Manson. If you haven’t read it, I recommend that you do. You can find it here. Mark beat me to the punch, he made a couple of the points that I wanted to make, although, he probably made them better than I could have.

One of those points was that all dreams and aspirations have miserable, boring aspects to them. He asked the question, “What is your favorite flavor of shit sandwich and does it come with an olive?” Haha! I love it. He wanted his audience to consider that anything worth doing isn’t going to be all butterflies and rainbows all of the time. Manson sums it up beautifully: “Everything sucks, some of the time.” That quote reminds me  of a discussion post by one of my fellow students  in my Genre Writing class. He wrote about how we (as writers) have to be prepared and brave enough to suck (something I am totally prepared to do in this blog post and many more to come, so beware). While I think that this concept does apply especially to writing, it definitely applies to anything that we do and want to be good at. Nobody becomes good at anything without a lot of  practice, which involves making a lot of mistakes, which equals a lot of sucking. It’s important to remember, that no matter what dream you want to pursue, you are at some point going to be really bad at it. If we can accept this, and move forward, we can do anything. If we have to be awesome from the get go then we probably won’t accomplish anything noteworthy.

I’m not going to take the time to analyze this whole article and go over all the good points that Manson makes.

I am, however, going to urge you, once again, to read it yourself and really consider the 7questions for yourself.

It’s important that we all have some purpose that we are devoted to. Otherwise, what are we all here for?


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