The Most Precious Thing.

138350693194913822360000091382202640118 CAM00219 FamilyWrite about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

Things are not precious. People are precious, our animal friends are precious, and the environment around us, that sustains us, protects us, and inspires us is precious. I would say that the only ‘things’ that we can hold as ‘precious’ and dear to our hearts are those that connect us to the life around us that we cherish. An heirloom passed down from family members could be seen as ‘precious’ and one would be very upset to lose such a thing, no doubt. But really, it doesn’t matter if you lose that locket; in reality, you didn’t lose that connection with your grandmother. It is unseen and intangible; forever locked away in your memories of her. I have lost things, valuable things, but as I move through my life, I honestly can say that I don’t really miss them. I’m fine! I have my family surrounding me and loving me all the time; so what is there to miss?

What feelings does the question:”What is the most precious thing that you have ever lost?” bring up for you?”



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